This "lab" is a programming playground for me to try out stuff that I learned or find interested.

You might find most of the projects here useless since my goal was neven to create useful stuff. The projects here are, however, most definitely fun.

Most of the projects here are published under the public domain, with a few exceptions that is using MIT license. Please refer to the LICENSE file in each project for details. If the license for a project is not specified, you are free to assume it as the public domain.


List of services provided by Nato Laboratory.

Network Engineering

Some network-related projects. BGP, VPN, DNS, all that kind of fun stuff.


List of projects I created that I had fun using them or had fun writing them.

Web Development

Web related projects.


Tiny utilities, mini research, stupid tools, etc.

The Graveyard

Dead projects that I am not likely to be maintaining them ever again. Projects mentioned here are at least useable, projects in nat-lab that are not even mentioned here means they are not useable at all.